Our coffee works just like any other, you can filter it, Aeropress it, French press it and still get the benefit of the Nootropics.

Whilst we love the Aeropress for its ability to get the best out of the beans, most people already own a French press, so here is the brewing method we use:

  • Make sure the French Press is clean – no lingering grains of coffee from the last use.
  • Measure out 65g of coffee per litre of water. If you are making a single cup, thats about 20-22g.
  • Boil the water and wait half a minute for it to cool then pour it over the coffee.
  • Wait for another 30 seconds and then give the coffee a stir to make sure it isn’t floating uselessly on the top.
  • Come back in 6 mins and press down on the plunger very gently – aggressive pressing will hinder the flavours.
  • Pour into your cup straight away.
  • Enjoy!